Build Your Own Hats

This option of hat offers you the opportunity to build your own Monster or Owl hat, just the way you’d like it. We’ll provide you with the selections and you build away!
Monster hat
Build Your Own Monster

1. Choose two colors, one for the top of the hat and one for the bottom.

2. Choose whether you’d like one eye or two eyes.

3. Choose how many many spikes you’d like, and were you want them

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 9.25.04 PM4. Tell us the size needed, and we’ll create the monster of your dreams!

Owl Hat

Build Your Own Owl

1. Choose two colors. (Main hat color and braids/edging)

2. Choose regular ears or tassel ears. (Tassel ears will be both chosen colors)

3. Choose eyes open or eyes closed.

4. Choose 3D beak (as seen above) or flat triangular beak.

5. Tell us the size you need.